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Liquid Tool

Liquid Tool is a quality concept of Blaser Swisslube for its customers. It offers tailor-made solutions to improve customers productivity, cost-effectiveness and machining quality.
Cutting fluids - Blaser Edufix - Machining, turning

Blaser cutting fluids - Improved machining quality

• A significant difference in the surface
quality compared to a traditional cutting fluid
• Minimised amount of scrap castings
• Steady production quality
• Minimal amount of time spent on reworking

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Low production costs - Improved machining values

• Prolonged service life for tools
• Less wear on tools
• Better usability of machines
• Shorter work rotation,
process and turnaround times
• Optimal stability and reliability of processes

Blaser cutting fluids - Machining, turning - Edufix

Importer: Edufix

Edufix Oy is a representative and importer of Blaser products in Finland. Edufix is specialized in metalworking machine repairing and servicing. Contact us and see how Blaser can improve your productivity!

Liquid tool Analysis

Before we recommend a metalworking fluid, our specialists analyse your machining process, situational conditions, and your expectations and requirements of our product.

Blaser: International references

• Pilatus Aircraft
• Sauber Formula 1
• Bosch
• Airbus Helicopters
• Sandvik
• Boeing
• Westing House
• General Motors
• Iskar Tools
• Miele
• Mori Seiki
• Man Turbo
• Eurocopter

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Panu Ranta Edufix Oy

+358 050 377 7628

rest of Finland
Joakim Pääsky Edufix Oy
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Our Commitment

Cutting and Grinding oils

Water-miscible coolants

Water-miscible coolants

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Edufix Oy

Edufix Oy was founded in 2005. The company offers maintenance services to the machining industry and specializes in the operator training, installation, and servicing of metal machining equipment. Edufix provides high-quality machining equipment modernization services, certified trainings, and measuring services relating to machining equipment. Edufix also provides installation and maintenance services to all HEIDENHAIN products.

We cooperate with the manufacturers of many internationally renowned trademarks. Our selection includes, for example, many Heidenhain, Renishaw, Speroni, Nikken, and Heimer products, spare parts, and accessories. In addition, we are an authorized service company for TOS Varnsdof, Toshulin and Nicolas Correa. We also sell all spare parts and accessories of the above manufacturers. Our selection also includes components removed from old machinery during modernization projects.

Lastuamisneste Blaser Edufix leikkuuneste koneistus sorvaus